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Forms - Stiletto - 250 pcs - Nail & Eyelash Paradise

Forms - Stiletto - 250 pcs - Nail & Eyelash Paradise
Forms - Stiletto - 250 pcs - Nail & Eyelash Paradise

STILETTO Forms 250 pcs

The "Stiletto" form is one of the most popular forms for nail extensions among nail technicians in any technique (acrylic, gel or poly-gel) because it increases nail surface area what gives a huge range for the capabilities and imagination of the nail technician who can perform a stunning design on the nails.  No one can pass by such a beautiful piece of art on your nails, it is impossible have them unnoticed!

The shape of the nails "Stiletto" is as a long and pointed to the end of the nail, which makes visually clients fingers thinner and extends the nail plate.
New transparent soft- plastic forms with adhesive basis "Stilletto" for nail extensions from the Nailash Paradise Company. Manufacture Ireland .Roll of 250 pcs.

* Transparent multifunctional disposable soft-plastic  forms on an adhesive basis for modelling the shape of "Stiletto", perfectly suitable for nail extensions of any other shape (square, almond, oval, etc.).
 * Forms  specially designed for nail masters  who model nails with gel and poly-gel, since the transparent base of the forms allows the material to dry completely from both sides (top and bottom).
* The forms  have very good tackiness, which ensures the immobility of the  forms  on the fingers.
* Easy to press, because they have a dense flexible base.
* Marking and length instructions will allow you to grow the same length and width of the nails.
​* Forms of "Stiletto" are packed in a roll of 250 pieces.

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