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Sphynx lac

Brand: Sphynx lac
Dip Powder System offers many benefits over other nail color systems. The odor free process needs no UV light and causes no damage to the nail. After correct application of this system , your nails will not only look, work and feel natural but they will have a stunning mirror shine. Finally, Vitamin..
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Brand: Sphynx lac
STILETTO Forms 250 pcs The "Stiletto" form is one of the most popular forms for nail extensions among nail technicians in any technique (acrylic, gel or poly-gel) because it increases nail surface area what gives a huge range for the capabilities and imagination of the nail technician who can per..
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Brand: Sphynx lac
“SPHYNX” Lac Gel Polish is unique product from  Nail Paradise company for creating manicure. “SPHYNX” Lac Gel Polish is a combination of the two components (gel and colored lacquer) – a completely new approach to manicure. That’s what “coating nails with gel polish” technology means. The mai..
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